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Working into Retirement

The key to retirement cash flow in the future could be your job. A lot has changed in the world and working past age 65 is going to be a significant shift for the aging baby boomer population. Our current retirement logic is wrong. People used to plan to work until age 65; however, since … Working into Retirement

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Beware of hidden fees from investment advisors

The investment advisory business model is broken. As other aspects of commerce continue to improve, the investment business is lagging. One significant problem is fees. The relationship you have with your Investment Advisor should represent good value and in order for that to happen some changes need to be made. Any improvements to the investment … Beware of hidden fees from investment advisors

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Many baby boomers facing retirement risk

Baby boomers face significant financial challenges that will greatly influence the quality of their retirement years. Their future might not be as rosy as their past. Boomers are a large segment of the Canadian population born during the period 1946-1964, and many of these people are just entering their retirement years. This privileged group has … Many baby boomers facing retirement risk

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Power of Attorney

It is extremely important to determine who will make decisions for you if you are no longer able to do so. Your inability to act on your own could come from an accident, illness or just old age. If you are incapacitated who will pay your bills, handle your investments and provide instructions for your … Power of Attorney

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Coordinate Health and Wealth Efforts

There is strong logic suggesting your financial information should be used by your doctor to improve your health. Stress is harmful to your health and a major cause can be financial worries. If financial stress is leading to a decline in your health then your doctor should have that information. Our experience tells us the … Coordinate Health and Wealth Efforts

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