My wife and I first put our financial life in the hands of Peter and his team in 2006, and I am now on the edge of retirement with a solid financial base. This is due in no small part to the planning, goal setting – and execution that Peter’s team has provided, a group that are as much old friends as advisors. And since every aspect of our ongoing financial life, from RSP’s to investment accounts, to TFSA’s is meticulously planned, the relationship is likely lifelong.
Hugh Murray
For years I worked with planners who only used complicated terms and were poor at communicating. I never really knew what fees I was paying or where I was at with my investments regardless of how many questions I asked. Peter and his team have made investing simple. For the first time, I feel safe and like I have a solid plan for my future and retirement.
David Farough
My wife and I have been clients of Peter Watson Investments since 1993. We have always been impressed with the systematic process used to determine our needs when investing. The staff, from Peter, Jennifer and others, have strived to make our investing clear and easy to understand. After all, they are the experts!
Ken Murphy | Retired Pilot
My husband and I first joined Peter Watson and his Team in 2010. We decided to move our investments to be managed by Peter Watson Investments after attending a Seminar at which Peter spoke and we were very impressed with his talk. The integrity and knowledge of Peter and Jennifer are invaluable. We have been very impressed with their competence not only with their wise and skillful placement of our money but also their professional organization. They regularly get in touch with us and have regular meetings with us to review our situation and make suggestions on any improvements they think they can make to improve our bottom line. We are retired and do not have company pensions so we are totally dependent on our portfolio for our income. We feel as though they truly care about us, our finances and our future. We highly recommend them.
Carol Anne and John Januszczak
We went to Peter Watson and his team looking to gain a better understanding of our investment portfolio, and to get recommendations to help us stay as financially secure as possible. We really like the “big picture” perspective they offer – where we are now, and projections based on various factors that will help us plan our future. They’re always helpful and easy to work with.
Shelagh Ross | Writer/Editor
We have been with Peter Watson Investments since 1997 and have always been treated with great respect. In 2014 we had an appointment with Peter and met his lovely daughter Jennifer Watson who has become our advisor. We felt her warm, caring personality toward us immediately. We are impressed with her knowledge on how she can clearly articulate our financial goals. She is never too busy to listen to our concerns and help us understand any financial situation. We have a great feeling of trust with her and would highly recommend Jennifer’s advanced skilled services to anyone.
Sheila and Stewart Smith
Thank you for taking the time to meet with Jane Anne and I yesterday. We really appreciate learning from your expertise and guiding us through our retirement journey. Our time working with Peter Watson Investments over the past years has been a very positive and rewarding experience for us both. We have learned so much. The Peter Watson Investment team is first class. Jane Anne and I could not have asked for a better wealth management team to keep focused and providing us with the best timely advice. As we further transition into full retirement, we are excited that Peter Watson Investments will be by our side every step of the way
Jim McNabb
Jennifer Watson and I [Tim] are in the same executive coaching group for business owners and leaders. Monthly I listen to Jennifer talk about how the company is run, her values, the in-depth care the Watson team provides clients, and the comprehensive services to help clients ensure the best portfolio they can have. We decided to move our investment accounts to the Watson teams management. The experience working with the firm has been a game changer, highly enjoyable and a recommended experience. Some of what the team does for us are: tax planning advice coordinated with our accountant, cash flow projections, budget analysis, and helping to financially set our children up for their post secondary education. We trust the Watson team and are seeing the results. - Tim Chugh, President of EPIC Training and Puja Sharma, Senior Manager with Direct Energy
Chugh & Sharma

Working with Watson Investments since 1996 has been one of the best financial decisions I have made since deciding to work with an advisor. At that point in time, I worked in the Financial Services industry and was familiar with many advisors. The first impression I received upon meeting Peter gave me the peace of mind and confidence that he was the best person to trust and help us in securing our family's financial future. Since that time, I've experienced many personal and financial life changing events, which Watson Investments was always available to support and assist me through.

Most recent were the challenges of Covid starting in March 2020. At a time when I was very concerned about my family's financial future, Peter and David had a number of conversations with me that alleviated the stress that I felt at that time. When I needed the reassurance of professional advice, they were available, and, very importantly, their advice was correct. This was a huge loyalty marker for me and a key reason why I will never deal with another advisor.

I haven't always had the same advisor since I've started dealing with the firm, but all of the advisors we've dealt with have been thoroughly professional and knowledgeable. The framework they've put in place has made it easy for someone to step in - any change to a different advisor has been seamless, with a consistently high level of service. Everyone at the firm is genuinely caring and eager to help.

Mark Foley
Watson Investments
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