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Why Watson?

For over 32 years, Watson Investments has helped clients gain financial clarity and maximize their wealth, through our tax planning solutions and comprehensive investment plans.


Watson Investments is a fee-for-service business. When speaking to prospective clients and existing clients, we provide full disclosure of our fees. We break down our fee format and schedule so there are no surprises. We offer multiple meeting options for couples who have separate perspectives on their financial goals.


Long-standing Trust

Clients of Watson Investments have been part of our family since Peter Watson founded the company in 1991. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients and their families. We provide options for gifting money to the next generations to ensure our clients and their families are taken care of. Beneficiaries feel comfortable coming back to us and we are dedicated to our client’s needs regardless of asset size. Our clients trust us, we go above and beyond the investments and the financial planning, whether it be assisting clients with forms, disability forms, etc. With a wide range of clientele, we see all spectrums of and are better equipped to provide advice and assistance to different stages of life, from the beginning of your career to starting a family, becoming grandparents and retiring.

Team Work

They say team work makes the dream work. At Watson Investments, it’s all hands on deck for each and every one of our clients. This means, faster response times, no email is left unanswered, and no page is left unturned. From our front office personnel, to our back office client services team to our financial advisors, we all work together to ensure our clients needs are met safely and securely.

Continued Education

Our team is committed to ongoing learning. Strategy Meetings are held periodically for our advisement team to brainstorm ideas and strategize solutions, preparing us for encountering complex scenarios. Strategy Meetings are hosted by a variety of professionals from tax accountants, lawyers, etc.

Research & Referral

Whether it be in our wheelhouse or not, we are open for discussion. Our advisors go beyond the financial planning and investment advice, we research and connect with our specialists; tax specialist, accountants, lawyers and real estate agents to guide you through property changes and any business inquiries you may have. Although independent, we offer the best solutions for our client’s lifestyle changes with a strong investment philosophy in mind.