A Christmas gift that could last a lifetime

A Christmas gift that could last a lifetime

December 20, 2018

The warmth and generosity that sparks this season can be summed up in the English proverb, “Christmas comes but once a year.”

This is a special time of year that is often full of family traditions.

Why do we do what we always do at this time of year?

Often the answer is because it is what we did at Christmas when we were young. And therefore, that’s the tradition we would like to continue for the benefit of our next generation.

It can also be a time to reflect on family values.

One of my values is continued education. People committed to life-long learning and ongoing improvement of their knowledge and skills.

Years ago, while attending the funeral of a former teacher of mine, the family values that where part of his celebration were saving for, and then providing, financial assistance for a strong education for all of their children.

Should your family values and traditions be having family members contribute to a child’s education fund? Perhaps through a RESP or some other savings option.

This is not intended to take the excitement out of Christmas but to add another element.

Often grandparents and other family members are looking for something special to give a child. Many children are lucky enough to receive gifts.

Perhaps they don’t need just one more present.

Long-term they will benefit from a good education. Whether it be trade school, college or university. A child will determine their path into adulthood and a strong education will support that journey.

Another option for a family tradition is giving a special gift to someone less fortunate. There is plenty of economic hardship throughout Ontario.

We are considered a wealthy province, but that wealth is not spread evenly. There are many deserving families who are not able to enjoy the Christmas extras that many take for granted.

This is a special time of year. Celebrate the season, celebrate your values and traditions.

Merry Christmas.

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