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Happy Birthday, Canada… we salute all 150 years

Happy Birthday, Canada… we salute all 150 years

June 29, 2017

Canada's 150th BirthdayFinancial planning is the art of translating personal values and priorities into an economic strategy that allows you to maximize your objectives.

The keyword in the above sentence is values. Your personal values, the things you hold dear, are influenced by those around you.

In turn they contribute to the values we share as a community, a society, a country. They contribute to who we are as Canadians.

This Saturday, July 1, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday. It’s a wonderful opportunity to look back on a few things that have shaped Canada.

Influences that have ingrained themselves into the very fabric of who we are — our values and the priorities that help shape our lives.

We are a proud nation and take great pride in determination and success.

Vimy Ridge

Remember the Canadian heroics at Vimy Ridge. The grueling battle in the First World War that many attribute to be Canada’s coming of age.

A victory Canadian troops, fighting in northern France, accomplished where other countries before them had failed.

The Canadian National Vimy Ridge Memorial in France

For the first time, four Canadian infantry divisions fought together. Men from all regions of our country.

Against all odds Canadian troops fought a four-day battle to dislodge the enemy from higher ground.

This strategic move provided a foundation for success as the war continued.

Truly a proud moment for a determined young nation.

Grit and determination had become part of Canada.

Terry Fox

That translates into everything we do including the Country’s annual tribute to the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope.

Terry Fox monument

In 1977, Terry Fox, a young athlete from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, lost his right leg to cancer.

By 1980 he had trained, and was ready to start his cross country run to raise funds for cancer research.

Starting in St John’s, Newfoundland, his bravery caught the imagination of our country.

Crowds gathered to support his slow journey across our home and native land.

Up until the sad day when, after 143 days and 5,373 km, outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, he was forced to put his dream aside to deal with the cancer that had spread.

That was the end of the Marathon of Hope and sadly that was the end of Terry Fox.

Terry was gone but that was just the beginning of a rally cry for our young nation to come together and raise funds in Terry’s honour to help one day win the battle against cancer.

The Terry Fox Run is an annual event in communities across Canada.


We are a kind nation, and that was on full display on September 11, 2001 when 38 planes destined for the United States, had to made a sudden, unscheduled, landing in the small community of Gander, Newfoundland.

On 9/11, when all US airports were shut down, the community instantly rallied to welcome and care for the 6,500 unexpected guests.

air plane at airport

The stranded travelers were embraced with Canada’s warm hospitality and kindness.

This important part of our history was honoured when the musical Come From Away opened on Broadway, celebrating the kindness of Canadians whose generosity overwhelmed their guests.

Our Canadian pride can be shared on a local level because it was Oakville’s Sheridan College that incubated this project.

Sheridan’s president proudly proclaimed this has been the first for any Canadian postsecondary institution.


So, celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that we are a nation that is proud, determined, openly kind, and inclusive.

Use these strong character traits in how you deal with all aspects of your life, including financial planning.

We are a proud nation.

Thank you, Canada.

We salute you and every one of your 150 years.

Happy Birthday Canada