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Estate Planning 101 – Are You Prepared?

Estate Planning 101 – Are You Prepared?

February 3, 2015

Peter Watson Investments presents Sharon Davis LLB speaking on Estate Planning 101.

We spend our lives taking care of our family and growing our wealth. There’s a 100% chance you’re going to need a will. Estate planning ensures things go the way we want them to. Sharon Davis is a partner at Soble, Davis & Day LLP in Oakville. Her areas of specialty include: estate planning, estate litigation, commercial and residential real estate matters, business law, trademarks, and related areas of practice. In this presentation: Estate Planning 101, Sharon shares insights on: What happens if you don’t have a will, Changes to your Will, Wills Gone Wrong, Executors and Estate Trustees, Succession Considerations for Business Owners, and more.

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