Regular Progress Meetings

Edited-PW-and-JW-(1)-2smallThe Regular Progress Meeting allows us to discuss the client’s financial priorities, issues and or concerns. Many of these issues are made aware of during the discovery meeting and are on the on-going to do list: The Financial Planning Priorities (step 4). This process ensures a systematic review of all items important to the client. During these meetings, we will examine the cash flow projections.

The cash flow projection is done in front of the computer screen and adjustments can be made in real time to see how making changes to your investments, spending or saving can affect the long-term plan and goals you have. This process is the key for clients’ understanding how we can together achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle throughout retirement. The cash flow data we produce have clear pictures, so the clients can see the big picture of the financial plan we have put together for them. The cash flow provides peace of mind for our clients.

In retirement it is all about the cash flow. Our goal is to review cash flow projects with every client every year, at a minimum. We find this to be the best exercise to monitor each client’s objectives of building a financially secure retirement.