Mutual Commitment Meeting

Edited-PW-and-JW-(1)-2smallAgreeing to work together is an important decision. Together we determine if we can assist you in achieving your objectives. It is important for both the client and us that we are the right fit. Is there a mutual comfort in discussing your most important financial matters? Good communication is essential.

If the decision is to start working together, we begin with the investment transfer documents and make an appointment for step Number 2, The Discovery Meeting.

Initial Meeting

The initial meeting can vary depending on the objectives of the individual. Typically this meeting is about an hour long. From our perspective, this is the first chance to start to get to know you. Some clients may bring their investment statements, although that is not necessary. Our goal is to start to understand what is important to you, specifically your financial objectives and or concerns. Depending on this conversation, it may or may not be beneficial to meet again and continue the conversation.