Financial Priorities Meeting

Edited-PW-and-JW-(1)-2smallIn the Financial Planning Priorities Meeting, we work together to prioritize your financial goals, needs and overall financial health. Everything from tax planning, estate planning to investment strategies and saving for post-secondary education for children and grandchildren.

The Financial Planning Priorities comprehensive list is usually fairly long because it includes all financial issues that need to be addressed in the future. These follow up items are our version of a To Do List or a Living Agenda because items on the list form agendas for future meetings.

We have found this to be the best way to insure the clients are aware of the important financial issues that need to be addressed.

After client meetings the Financial Planning Priorities list is updated and so it can continue to be a useful ongoing tool for future meetings.

As a matter of interest the first priority of most clients is to review future cash flow projections to ensure they are adequate to meet specific retirement objectives. Cash flow is the engine that drives retirement and allows for the desired retirement lifestyle.

We recommend and encourage clients to review their retirement cash flow projects at least annually.