Discovery Meeting

Edited-PW-and-JW-(1)-2smallThe Discovery Meeting is the most important because this conversation is all about you. It is the foundation that we build upon while working together to achieve your financial goals.

Over the past years of conducting these meetings, the number one goal of our clients is to ensure they have sufficient cash flow to maintain their desired lifestyle in retirement. There are often other financial objectives that will have to be addressed.

Client feedback over the years is the Discovery Meeting is far less investment focused than anticipated. We understand investments. What we need to learn about is you. That is the focus of the meeting.

Who are you? What are your values? Who else are you hoping to help financially? What are your financial goals?  How many times per year should we meet and how involved do you want to be or not be in the investment details?

As stated above the Discovery Meeting is the most important meeting in our 5 Step Process and is the foundation of future advice.