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Since 1993, Peter Watson's articles have served as a trusted source of insight for Canadians seeking to navigate the continuously evolving landscape of personal finance, offering invaluable recommendations for informed decision-making.

Businesses are Failing

The cruel reality of owning a business is sometimes they fail, writes Peter Watson. There is financial hardship within the business community. Some businesses are closing their doors. We recently went on a shopping outing in a different community. The stores seemed surprisingly deserted. One business owner explained what we noticed. Business activity in their … Businesses are Failing

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Government Debt is a Risk for Canadians

Government debt is a financial risk that affects us all, writes Peter Watson. Will the mountain of federal and provincial debt cause Canada to go into a financial tailspin? Let’s consider the facts. The recent federal budget projected a deficit of $40 billion. This will add to our debt which is already over $1 trillion. … Government Debt is a Risk for Canadians

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Government Actions Will Improve Our Personal Finances

Government incentives to Honda are a win for Ontarians, writes Peter Watson. Significant financial incentives have been given to Honda to ensure electric cars and batteries are built in Ontario. Electric cars are the future. There will be direct and indirect financial benefits ranging from jobs created and eventually taxes collected because of this new … Government Actions Will Improve Our Personal Finances

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

A comparison between how flowers grow and investing, writes Peter Watson. Today we are going to look at investing through the eyes of Mother Nature. Humans often rate the weather as good or bad. Sun is good. Rain is bad. The same rating system can be applied to investing. Stock market increases are good but … April Showers Bring May Flowers

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Disappointing Federal Budget

The federal budget was disappointing, writes Peter Watson. This federal budget was a missed opportunity. But first we will start with a positive. The budget contained many strategies designed to build more housing units. These ideas were publicized in previous weeks. Affordable housing is an issue for Canadians and a political requirement if the Liberal … Disappointing Federal Budget

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Stock Markets are Shrinking

There are significantly less publicly traded shares available to individual investors, writes Peter Watson. Investors can purchase publicly traded shares of companies they wish to invest. This can be via a direct purchase or by owning a mutual fund that has acquired shares. Most portfolios have a strong allocation to stocks and therefore the declining … Stock Markets are Shrinking

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