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New Year’s Resolution: Is it Time for a Career Change?

New Year’s Resolution: Is it Time for a Career Change?

January 1, 2022

Rethink your current career to see if you should make a change, writes Peter Watson.

Financial success starts with your ability to earn an income.

Your employment is not just a job, it is your current livelihood and your future financial security.

It makes perfect sense to periodically evaluate your working life.

Consider making this your New Year’s resolution.

The idea for this article originated from hearing how hard it is for restaurants to hire staff. The pandemic shut down that sector and staff were laid off.

What we are hearing now is for a number of reasons many that worked in restaurants did not like their job. A positive outcome of the pandemic was to be out of work and have the opportunity to rethink their career.

Some have returned to school to upgrade their skills. Others will use their multi-tasking ability plus their strong personality to apply those skills to a different job.

Our recommendation is to invest some time and effort to rethink your career to see if doing something different may enhance your life.

Breakdown all the pluses and minuses of your current employment. Then consider your ideal job in terms of what you are good at, what makes you happy, location of employment, flexibility, including the ability to work remotely and your remuneration target.

COVID-19 has resulted in some of the biggest changes we have experienced during our lifetime.

We recommend capitalizing on our changing world to see if you can make a career upgrade.

Of all the hours you are awake, your job, including commuting, is likely the single task that takes up the most time.

Do you need to make a change?

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