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The US Election Drove Me Nuts

The US Election Drove Me Nuts

November 14, 2020

The prolonged US presidential election was saturated with lies and allegations. It highlighted the need for all of us to become critical thinkers so we can decipher between fact and fiction, writes Peter Watson. 

The US election was an extended period of miss information and fake news allegations.

It seemed to be the one news topic everyone said they did not want to talk about, but for many it ended up being their go to conversation with family and friends.

On the upside it was a useful lesson learned for us all in the area of critical thinking.

Critical thinking is a skill that helps us come to more logical conclusions for important issues. Understand how to separate good information from bad information.

In more simple language: Think for yourself.

Most of the people I spoke with had a fairly firm opinion on which presidential candidate they respected, or the one in which they had serious distrust. American politics tends to bring out extreme opinions for both Americans and others of us who follow the drama of electing a US President.

I like many others would interpret a political news item of the day and formed my own opinion. Then wonder why all Americans would not come to the same conclusion.

It is easy to be an armchair quarterback from afar.

If only Americans were better critical thinkers, I wondered. Often when you have strong opinions on how other people can improve that strong opinion can be directed at yourself.

Focusing on all of our lives and the important role financial planning plays. How can we manage our finances better?

Critical thinking.

Question how you manage your personal finances. Question the assumptions you have made. Anticipate the two or three areas where you are at most risk.

This does not mean you are self-doubting. Just being a critical thinker.

We recommend using critical thinking in managing your personal finance and all other important aspects of your life.

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