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10 tips for a better retirement

10 tips for a better retirement

January 6, 2020

Sunset on Lake Today I’m going to share a list of 10 things you can do to prepare for a fulfilling retirement.

1. Housing. The aging process can result in less mobility. Consider a house with no stairs and an easy way to access the garage.

2. Car. Some cars are either too high off the ground or too low. Your knees and back might be more comfortable with an automobile that has easy access to seating.

3. Home repairs. If there’s anything we learn from home ownership it’s that repairs for minor renovations can cost way more than anticipated. Try and get all those types of things done while you are working and still have a paycheque.

4. Public pensions. Decide when to start Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefits. That will depend on your need for cash flow, tax implications, and life expectancy.

5. Health. Health is extremely important. Without good health, retirement can be drastically different. Pay attention to key factors such as drinking in moderation, not smoking, eating a healthy diet, and daily exercise.

6. Medical team. Have a good doctor and dentist, plus any other specialists that are required. The next two decades will be different than the past two, so anticipate needs in advance.

7. Pay off debt. This will include your mortgage, line of credit, and credit cards. Your cash flow is better spent providing you with a happy retirement versus paying interest charges.

8. Companionship. Look forward to the social aspects of life that are often enhanced with a spouse, partner, or close friend.

9. Advisers. Have advisers who are both competent and trustworthy. This could include a lawyer, accountant, and financial planner.

10. Travel agent. Younger seniors tend to travel. Cruises are popular because they combine visiting places of interest, compatibility with other travelers, and ease.

These ten suggestions, together with a positive attitude, is a wonderful formula for a happy retirement. Finally, a time in your life where you have more time to do the things that please you most.