What does your retirement look like?



Guess what many seniors are doing during retirement?

Going back to work.

There are many reasons retirees opt to go back to work. Some are looking for ways to ward off boredom, others want intellectual stimulation or enjoy the social interaction. Then there are those whose retirement reality is that they haven’t saved enough during their working years, and life expectancy is increasing.

Growing old can be expensive. Particularly in later years when additional services are required for things people used to do easily on their own. Add to that inflation and anticipated medical costs not covered under our current system.

If you are looking for post-retirement income, it would be helpful to find something you enjoy so your work becomes somewhat of a new hobby. Here are a few options.

Trading one boss for another may not be what you envisioned in retirement. The good news is we live in a gig economy where temporary, flexible, and freelance jobs are commonplace. As an entrepreneur you become your own boss, giving you control over your workload and perhaps the benefit of working from home.

For seniors who have amassed a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience, consulting or mentoring in their field of expertise could be rewarding.

If you like to be out and about and enjoy talking to people, consider becoming an Uber driver.

Perhaps you like dogs. With extremely busy work schedules people need dog walkers during the day.

Do you enjoy writing? Blogging or writing for an industry you have a deep knowledge of may be right for you.

If your skills are rusty you will need to update them, especially in technology. You will also need to update your LinkedIn and other social media profiles. Actively networking will keep you current in your chosen field and help find potential clients or employers.

Earning additional funds to help pay for a long and happy retirement has many advantages.

If you are careful to select an activity that is truly of interest, your quality of life could be greatly enhanced.

Two questions. Are you retired? Is it time to go back to work?