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Tennis win shows the benefits of planning

Tennis win shows the benefits of planning

October 3, 2019

We can all learn a lesson from the teenage tennis superstar who captured the women’s singles title at the U.S. Open in early September.

No other Canadian had ever won a singles championship in one of the four major tennis tournaments. Not a man nor a woman.

Bianca Andreescu is a first for Canada.

This athletic feat is more significant because in the spring of 2018 she was rated in the top 200 best women tennis players in the world. Then almost by magic the 19-year-old beat the iconic Serena Williams.

The obvious question is how did this magic happen? As it turns out it was not magic. From all that has been written about her, it was the result of a plan.

The lesson we can learn from Bianca is that anything is possible if you set objectives, get coaching, and stay focused.

With the help of Tennis Canada, a plan was developed. Careful monitoring of her progress led to changing tactics in order to defeat strong opponents.

The game of tennis is similar to life. Things do not always go as hoped.

Much of Bianca’s success rests on her ability to identify a problem during a match and then react in a way to resolve that problem.

Financial planning is all about setting a goal. Then regularly monitoring your successful journey towards the completion of that goal.

Coaching is available from a financial planner who can help you articulate your goals and monitor your progress.

Bianca did not win the U.S. Open just because she planned. She is extremely talented. And so are the many women that she has defeated during the last year.

Yes, she is talented but without a plan, in my opinion, there is no way she would have had the great success that she now enjoys.

What are your dreams? What are your goals?

Find a financial planner, articulate your goals and then make them happen.

Perhaps you have heard the saying. Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.

Good luck with your plan.