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Scholarship details reveal Sheridan sports are bright

Scholarship details reveal Sheridan sports are bright

October 5, 2017

sports scholarshipEvery once in a while, you hear something that is brilliant. I just experienced this.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Sheridan College.

Friday, September 29, I had the opportunity to attend Sheridan’s Athletics department’s Night of Champions, a celebration of Sheridan’s sports teams over the years. The event honored teams that have won Ontario and national championships.

I spent two wonderful years studying business and participating in sports at Sheridan.

For many students, sports are a very important part of the learning process.

Athletes set goals, train hard, develop strategies, and practice teamwork.

It is a combination of thinking, discipline, and execution.

These are the same skills that prepare students for the real world. Learning does not just happen within the four walls of a classroom.

All aspects of learning combine to allow students to reach their maximum potential.

During the evening, it was announced that after many years of dedicated work and donor generosity, there was a fund for athletic scholarships.

Now all students participating on any of the college teams receive a school scholarship, although that amount is not very high.

Now for the best part.

The amount of scholarship funds received by each student athlete is directly related to the academic success of the student.

As a result, a less skilled athlete would receive more funding than their team captain, if their grades were higher.

Sheridan recognizes that course work is the priority in education.

They also believe that sports and teamwork augment that learning.

The importance of prioritizing course work is communicated to all athletes. That message will be heard by other students too.

There are many ways this strategy could be used by individuals regarding their personal finances.

For example, if your objective is to pay down personal debt, set a goal that vacation or entertainment spending is linked to achieving a targeted amount of debt reduction.

Similar to how receiving Sheridan athletic scholarship funds is tied directly to success with course work.

After hearing this scholarship message explained to all who attended the Night of Champions celebration, I had one thought.

Sheridan College sports… Genius.