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Remembrance Day: a time to be thankful

Remembrance Day: a time to be thankful

November 12, 2015

PoppyIt is time to have a heart-to-heart discussion and the message is simple.

Be thankful.

There are many times during the year that people often reflect on how truly fortunate we really are – that could include Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yesterday was Remembrance Day (Nov.11) and our country paused for a moment to pay respect to all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

For many their lives ended on a faraway battlefield.

Others returned to the safety of home while still battling their own personal demons that resulted from the trauma called war.

It is in this context that we should realize that some of the worrisome financial issues that we face and the topics of many past columns pale in comparison to some of the challenges many of our citizens have endured.

Issues of concern that we have covered in past articles include failing to adequately save enough money to assist your children with post-secondary education.

Or not putting enough money aside to maintain a desired lifestyle during retirement.

Constructive comments have been made on how the investment services business could be improved to benefit investors, including last week’s column about the conflicting way that many investment advisors are remunerated for their services.

Yes, these conversations are important.

Should we continue to discuss better ways to live our lives, including being more financially aware?


Always look at what you’re doing with the idea that creative thinking and a little focus can always make things better.

That is true with your personal finances and it is also true with life in general.

We celebrate freedom and, in the context of other countries in the news, we are blessed to be living in one of the best countries in the world. Remembrance Day

We are free to earn a living and then decide how to allocate our financial resources.

What type of life do we want to lead?

If you have a dream … live it.

Be ambitious in what you want to achieve for yourself and your family.

In that context as the popular expression says “the cup is half empty” so go forward and add what is most important.

Achieve all that you want to achieve.

This is by no means just focusing on material possessions.

We do live in a materialistic consumer era; however a large part of life does not equate to only finances.

The popular expression also says “the cup is half full” so be thankful and enjoy every single day.

Be thankful for all those who have contributed so much for what we now take for granted.

Remember the famous line from In Flanders Fields. “To you from failing hands we throw the torch.”

Our lives are the accumulation of our efforts.

And that is only possible because of the efforts, contributions and sacrifices others have made on our behalf.

Be thankful. Remembrance Day 2015.